The excitement of the traditional table games and the latest technology in combination, will delight your customers. With seven stations per table, players place their bets digitally. It has a shuffler with automatic card reading, immediate resolution of plays, and real-time accounting.  The different iTable modalities provide all the fun of a live gaming with the speed and reliability of electronic gaming.

Available in two versions:

  • iTable BlackjackConceived for a traditional six-deck Blackjack game with the added value of up to three additional bets on the game outcome of the first two cards and, optionally, a progressive jackpot on one of the additional betting.
  • iTable Póquerwith three games available from which the operator can choose:
    • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
    • Three Card Poker
    • Mississippi Stud

Both models allow the pre-configuration of several betting limits, where you can either choose at the opening session, for all positions, or individually for each position, being able to accommodate different player profiles in the same game.

Like their analogue counterpart, layouts are made of customized fabric, both in colour or printed. It also offers customized logos integrated to the casino’s design.